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About Us

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As a little girl growing up & being the only daughter of my mother Debbie, she had 5 children in total, I found myself surrounded always in the world of flowers & plants. Debbie's love for nature, particularly Flowers & Plants was nothing short of sure. I was that 5 year old little girl that could tell you that;

- Gerbers & Asters are different but they are siblings because they come from the same family - The Daisy Family. 

- Roses & Peonies despite looking very similar are not of the same family.

Debbie lost her four year battle with Cancer in June 2018 and I miss her every single day. Through out her time and as far as my memory will stretch she was always "The Flower Lady". She arranged for the Church every Sunday, her work place every Monday and all family gatherings! All this hardly ever on commercial terms.

The Flower Café is for me, me still spending time with Debbie. The happiness, joy and love that was my time with her is something we try to reflect in & make the essence of every flower delivery we send out. If your enjoyment of our products, compares even by an ounce, to the joy I got from being with Debbie then we would have done her proud.

- Thank you for this opportunity & privilege of serving you. -

     - K.K. -

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